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Wyoming zip codes

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Zip County Place Name State
82001 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82002 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82003 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82005 Laramie Fe Warren Afb Wyoming
82006 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82007 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82008 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82009 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82010 Laramie Cheyenne Wyoming
82050 Laramie Albin Wyoming
82051 Albany Bosler Wyoming
82052 Albany Buford Wyoming
82053 Laramie Burns Wyoming
82054 Laramie Carpenter Wyoming
82055 Albany Centennial Wyoming
82057 Laramie Wyoming
82058 Albany Garrett Wyoming
82059 Laramie Granite Canon Wyoming
82060 Laramie Hillsdale Wyoming
82061 Laramie Horse Creek Wyoming
82063 Albany Jelm Wyoming
82070 Albany Laramie Wyoming
82071 Albany Laramie Wyoming
82072 Albany Laramie Wyoming
82073 Albany Laramie Wyoming
82080 McFadden Wyoming
82081 Laramie Meriden Wyoming
82082 Laramie Pine Bluffs Wyoming
82083 Albany Rock River Wyoming
82084 Albany Tie Siding Wyoming
82190 Park Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
82201 Platte Wheatland Wyoming
82210 Platte Chugwater Wyoming
82212 Goshen Fort Laramie Wyoming
82213 Platte Glendo Wyoming
82214 Platte Guernsey Wyoming
82215 Platte Hartville Wyoming
82217 Goshen Hawk Springs Wyoming
82218 Goshen Huntley Wyoming
82219 Goshen Jay Em Wyoming
82220 Keeline Wyoming
82221 Goshen Lagrange Wyoming
82222 Niobrara Lance Creek Wyoming
82223 Goshen Lingle Wyoming
82224 Niobrara Lost Springs Wyoming
82225 Niobrara Lusk Wyoming
82227 Niobrara Manville Wyoming
82228 Node Wyoming
82229 Converse Shawnee Wyoming
82240 Goshen Torrington Wyoming
82242 Niobrara Van Tassell Wyoming
82243 Goshen Veteran Wyoming
82244 Goshen Yoder Wyoming
82301 Carbon Rawlins Wyoming
82310 Fremont Jeffrey City Wyoming
82321 Carbon Baggs Wyoming
82322 Sweetwater Bairoil Wyoming
82323 Carbon Dixon Wyoming
82324 Carbon Elk Mountain Wyoming
82325 Carbon Encampment Wyoming
82327 Carbon Hanna Wyoming
82329 Carbon Medicine Bow Wyoming
82331 Carbon Saratoga Wyoming
82332 Carbon Savery Wyoming
82334 Carbon Sinclair Wyoming
82335 Carbon Walcott Wyoming
82336 Sweetwater Wamsutter Wyoming
82401 Washakie Worland Wyoming
82410 Big Horn Basin Wyoming
82411 Big Horn Burlington Wyoming
82412 Big Horn Byron Wyoming
82414 Park Cody Wyoming
82420 Big Horn Cowley Wyoming
82421 Big Horn Deaver Wyoming
82422 Big Horn Emblem Wyoming
82423 Big Horn Frannie Wyoming
82426 Big Horn Greybull Wyoming
82427 Hot Springs Hamilton Dome Wyoming
82428 Big Horn Hyattville Wyoming
82430 Hot Springs Kirby Wyoming
82431 Big Horn Lovell Wyoming
82432 Big Horn Manderson Wyoming
82433 Park Meeteetse Wyoming
82434 Big Horn Otto Wyoming
82435 Park Powell Wyoming
82440 Park Ralston Wyoming
82441 Big Horn Shell Wyoming
82442 Washakie Ten Sleep Wyoming
82443 Hot Springs Thermopolis Wyoming
82450 Park Wapiti Wyoming
82501 Fremont Riverton Wyoming
82510 Fremont Arapahoe Wyoming
82512 Fremont Crowheart Wyoming
82513 Fremont Dubois Wyoming
82514 Fremont Fort Washakie Wyoming
82515 Fremont Hudson Wyoming
82516 Fremont Kinnear Wyoming
82520 Fremont Lander Wyoming
82523 Fremont Pavillion Wyoming
82524 Fremont Saint Stephens Wyoming