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Colorado zip codes

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Zip County Place Name State
80001 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80002 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80003 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80004 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80005 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80006 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80007 Jefferson Arvada Colorado
80010 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80011 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80012 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80013 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80014 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80015 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80016 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80017 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80018 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80019 Adams Aurora Colorado
80020 Broomfield Broomfield Colorado
80021 Jefferson Broomfield Colorado
80022 Adams Commerce City Colorado
80023 Broomfield Broomfield Colorado
80024 Adams Dupont Colorado
80025 Boulder Eldorado Springs Colorado
80026 Boulder Lafayette Colorado
80027 Boulder Louisville Colorado
80028 Boulder Louisville Colorado
80030 Adams Westminster Colorado
80031 Adams Westminster Colorado
80033 Jefferson Wheat Ridge Colorado
80034 Jefferson Wheat Ridge Colorado
80035 Adams Westminster Colorado
80036 Adams Westminster Colorado
80037 Adams Commerce City Colorado
80038 Boulder Broomfield Colorado
80040 Adams Aurora Colorado
80041 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80042 Adams Aurora Colorado
80044 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80045 Adams Aurora Colorado
80046 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80047 Arapahoe Aurora Colorado
80101 Elbert Agate Colorado
80102 Adams Bennett Colorado
80103 Arapahoe Byers Colorado
80104 Douglas Castle Rock Colorado
80105 Arapahoe Deer Trail Colorado
80106 El Paso Elbert Colorado
80107 Elbert Elizabeth Colorado
80108 Douglas Castle Rock Colorado
80109 Douglas Castle Rock Colorado
80110 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80111 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80112 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80113 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80116 Douglas Franktown Colorado
80117 Elbert Kiowa Colorado
80118 Douglas Larkspur Colorado
80120 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80121 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80122 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80123 Jefferson Littleton Colorado
80124 Douglas Lone Tree Colorado
80125 Douglas Littleton Colorado
80126 Douglas Littleton Colorado
80127 Jefferson Littleton Colorado
80128 Jefferson Littleton Colorado
80129 Douglas Littleton Colorado
80130 Douglas Littleton Colorado
80131 Douglas Louviers Colorado
80132 El Paso Monument Colorado
80133 El Paso Palmer Lake Colorado
80134 Douglas Parker Colorado
80135 Douglas Sedalia Colorado
80136 Adams Strasburg Colorado
80137 Arapahoe Watkins Colorado
80138 Douglas Parker Colorado
80150 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80151 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80154 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80155 Arapahoe Englewood Colorado
80160 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80161 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80162 Jefferson Littleton Colorado
80163 Douglas Littleton Colorado
80165 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80166 Arapahoe Littleton Colorado
80201 Denver Denver Colorado
80202 Denver Denver Colorado
80203 Denver Denver Colorado
80204 Denver Denver Colorado
80205 Denver Denver Colorado
80206 Denver Denver Colorado
80207 Denver Denver Colorado
80208 Denver Denver Colorado
80209 Denver Denver Colorado
80210 Denver Denver Colorado
80211 Denver Denver Colorado
80212 Denver Denver Colorado
80214 Jefferson Denver Colorado
80215 Jefferson Denver Colorado