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ME zip codes

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Zip County Place Name State
03901 York Berwick ME (Maine)
03902 York Cape Neddick ME (Maine)
03903 York Eliot ME (Maine)
03904 York Kittery ME (Maine)
03905 York Kittery Point ME (Maine)
03906 York North Berwick ME (Maine)
03907 York Ogunquit ME (Maine)
03908 York South Berwick ME (Maine)
03909 York York ME (Maine)
03910 York York Beach ME (Maine)
03911 York York Harbor ME (Maine)
04001 York Acton ME (Maine)
04002 York Alfred ME (Maine)
04003 Cumberland Bailey Island ME (Maine)
04004 York Bar Mills ME (Maine)
04005 York Biddeford ME (Maine)
04006 York Biddeford Pool ME (Maine)
04007 York Biddeford ME (Maine)
04008 Sagadahoc Bowdoinham ME (Maine)
04009 Cumberland Bridgton ME (Maine)
04010 Oxford Brownfield ME (Maine)
04011 Cumberland Brunswick ME (Maine)
04013 Cumberland Bustins Island ME (Maine)
04014 York Cape Porpoise ME (Maine)
04015 Cumberland Casco ME (Maine)
04016 Oxford Center Lovell ME (Maine)
04017 Cumberland Chebeague Island ME (Maine)
04019 Cumberland Cliff Island ME (Maine)
04020 York Cornish ME (Maine)
04021 Cumberland Cumberland Center ME (Maine)
04022 Oxford Denmark ME (Maine)
04024 Cumberland East Baldwin ME (Maine)
04027 York Lebanon ME (Maine)
04028 York East Parsonfield ME (Maine)
04029 Cumberland Sebago ME (Maine)
04030 York East Waterboro ME (Maine)
04032 Cumberland Freeport ME (Maine)
04033 Cumberland Freeport ME (Maine)
04034 Cumberland Freeport ME (Maine)
04037 Oxford Fryeburg ME (Maine)
04038 Cumberland Gorham ME (Maine)
04039 Cumberland Gray ME (Maine)
04040 Cumberland Harrison ME (Maine)
04041 Oxford Hiram ME (Maine)
04042 York Hollis Center ME (Maine)
04043 York Kennebunk ME (Maine)
04046 York Kennebunkport ME (Maine)
04047 York Parsonsfield ME (Maine)
04048 York Limerick ME (Maine)
04049 York Limington ME (Maine)
04050 Cumberland Long Island ME (Maine)
04051 Oxford Lovell ME (Maine)
04053 Cumberland Merepoint ME (Maine)
04054 York Moody ME (Maine)
04055 Cumberland Naples ME (Maine)
04056 York Newfield ME (Maine)
04057 Cumberland North Bridgton ME (Maine)
04058 North Fryeburg ME (Maine)
04060 North Shapleigh ME (Maine)
04061 York North Waterboro ME (Maine)
04062 Cumberland Windham ME (Maine)
04063 York Ocean Park ME (Maine)
04064 York Old Orchard Beach ME (Maine)
04066 Cumberland Orrs Island ME (Maine)
04067 Pejepscot ME (Maine)
04068 Oxford Porter ME (Maine)
04069 Cumberland Pownal ME (Maine)
04070 Cumberland Scarborough ME (Maine)
04071 Cumberland Raymond ME (Maine)
04072 York Saco ME (Maine)
04073 York Sanford ME (Maine)
04074 Cumberland Scarborough ME (Maine)
04075 Cumberland Sebago Lake ME (Maine)
04076 York Shapleigh ME (Maine)
04077 Cumberland South Casco ME (Maine)
04078 Cumberland South Freeport ME (Maine)
04079 Cumberland Harpswell ME (Maine)
04080 South Hiram ME (Maine)
04081 Oxford South Waterford ME (Maine)
04082 Cumberland South Windham ME (Maine)
04083 York Springvale ME (Maine)
04084 Cumberland Standish ME (Maine)
04085 Cumberland Steep Falls ME (Maine)
04086 Sagadahoc Topsham ME (Maine)
04087 York Waterboro ME (Maine)
04088 Oxford Waterford ME (Maine)
04090 York Wells ME (Maine)
04091 Cumberland West Baldwin ME (Maine)
04092 Cumberland Westbrook ME (Maine)
04093 York Buxton ME (Maine)
04094 York West Kennebunk ME (Maine)
04095 York West Newfield ME (Maine)
04096 Cumberland Yarmouth ME (Maine)
04097 Cumberland North Yarmouth ME (Maine)
04098 Cumberland Westbrook ME (Maine)
04101 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04102 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04103 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04104 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04105 Cumberland Falmouth ME (Maine)
04106 Cumberland South Portland ME (Maine)
04107 Cumberland Cape Elizabeth ME (Maine)
04108 Cumberland Peaks Island ME (Maine)
04109 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04110 Cumberland Cumberland Foreside ME (Maine)
04112 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04116 Cumberland South Portland ME (Maine)
04122 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04123 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04124 Cumberland Portland ME (Maine)
04210 Androscoggin Auburn ME (Maine)
04211 Androscoggin Auburn ME (Maine)
04212 Androscoggin Auburn ME (Maine)
04216 Oxford Andover ME (Maine)
04217 Oxford Bethel ME (Maine)
04219 Oxford Bryant Pond ME (Maine)
04220 Oxford Buckfield ME (Maine)
04221 Oxford Canton ME (Maine)
04222 Androscoggin Durham ME (Maine)
04223 Androscoggin Danville ME (Maine)
04224 Oxford Dixfield ME (Maine)
04225 Franklin Dryden ME (Maine)
04226 Oxford East Andover ME (Maine)
04227 Oxford East Dixfield ME (Maine)
04228 Androscoggin East Livermore ME (Maine)
04230 Androscoggin East Poland ME (Maine)
04231 Oxford Stoneham ME (Maine)
04233 East Waterford ME (Maine)
04234 Franklin East Wilton ME (Maine)
04235 Frye ME (Maine)
04236 Androscoggin Greene ME (Maine)
04237 Oxford Hanover ME (Maine)
04238 Oxford Hebron ME (Maine)
04239 Franklin Jay ME (Maine)
04240 Androscoggin Lewiston ME (Maine)
04241 Androscoggin Lewiston ME (Maine)
04243 Androscoggin Lewiston ME (Maine)
04250 Androscoggin Lisbon ME (Maine)
04251 Lisbon Center ME (Maine)
04252 Androscoggin Lisbon Falls ME (Maine)
04253 Androscoggin Livermore ME (Maine)
04254 Androscoggin Livermore Falls ME (Maine)
04255 Oxford Greenwood ME (Maine)
04256 Androscoggin Mechanic Falls ME (Maine)
04257 Oxford Mexico ME (Maine)
04258 Androscoggin Minot ME (Maine)
04259 Kennebec Monmouth ME (Maine)
04260 Cumberland New Gloucester ME (Maine)
04261 Oxford Newry ME (Maine)
04262 Franklin North Jay ME (Maine)
04263 Androscoggin Leeds ME (Maine)
04265 Kennebec North Monmouth ME (Maine)
04266 Androscoggin North Turner ME (Maine)
04267 Oxford North Waterford ME (Maine)
04268 Oxford Norway ME (Maine)
04270 Oxford Oxford ME (Maine)
04271 Oxford Paris ME (Maine)
04273 Poland ME (Maine)
04274 Androscoggin Poland ME (Maine)
04275 Oxford Roxbury ME (Maine)
04276 Oxford Rumford ME (Maine)
04278 Oxford Rumford Center ME (Maine)
04279 Rumford Point ME (Maine)
04280 Androscoggin Sabattus ME (Maine)
04281 Oxford South Paris ME (Maine)
04282 Androscoggin Turner ME (Maine)
04283 Androscoggin Turner Center ME (Maine)
04284 Kennebec Wayne ME (Maine)
04285 Franklin Weld ME (Maine)
04286 Oxford West Bethel ME (Maine)
04287 Sagadahoc Bowdoin ME (Maine)
04288 Androscoggin West Minot ME (Maine)
04289 Oxford West Paris ME (Maine)
04290 Oxford Peru ME (Maine)
04291 Androscoggin West Poland ME (Maine)
04292 Oxford Sumner ME (Maine)
04294 Franklin Wilton ME (Maine)
04330 Kennebec Augusta ME (Maine)
04332 Kennebec Augusta ME (Maine)
04333 Kennebec Augusta ME (Maine)
04336 Kennebec Augusta ME (Maine)
04338 Kennebec Augusta ME (Maine)
04341 Lincoln Coopers Mills ME (Maine)
04342 Lincoln Dresden ME (Maine)
04343 Kennebec East Winthrop ME (Maine)
04344 Kennebec Farmingdale ME (Maine)
04345 Kennebec Gardiner ME (Maine)
04346 Kennebec Randolph ME (Maine)
04347 Kennebec Hallowell ME (Maine)
04348 Lincoln Jefferson ME (Maine)
04349 Kennebec Kents Hill ME (Maine)
04350 Kennebec Litchfield ME (Maine)
04351 Kennebec Manchester ME (Maine)
04352 Kennebec Mount Vernon ME (Maine)
04353 Lincoln Whitefield ME (Maine)
04354 Waldo Palermo ME (Maine)
04355 Kennebec Readfield ME (Maine)
04357 Sagadahoc Richmond ME (Maine)
04358 Kennebec South China ME (Maine)
04359 Kennebec South Gardiner ME (Maine)
04360 Kennebec Vienna ME (Maine)
04361 Weeks Mills ME (Maine)
04363 Kennebec Windsor ME (Maine)
04364 Kennebec Winthrop ME (Maine)
04401 Penobscot Bangor ME (Maine)
04402 Penobscot Bangor ME (Maine)
04406 Piscataquis Abbot ME (Maine)
04408 Hancock Aurora ME (Maine)
04410 Penobscot Bradford ME (Maine)
04411 Penobscot Bradley ME (Maine)
04412 Penobscot Brewer ME (Maine)
04413 Washington Brookton ME (Maine)
04414 Piscataquis Brownville ME (Maine)
04415 Piscataquis Brownville Junction ME (Maine)
04416 Hancock Bucksport ME (Maine)
04417 Penobscot Burlington ME (Maine)
04418 Penobscot Greenbush ME (Maine)
04419 Penobscot Carmel ME (Maine)
04420 Hancock Castine ME (Maine)
04421 Hancock Castine ME (Maine)
04422 Penobscot Charleston ME (Maine)
04423 Penobscot Costigan ME (Maine)
04424 Washington Danforth ME (Maine)
04426 Piscataquis Dover Foxcroft ME (Maine)
04427 Penobscot Corinth ME (Maine)
04428 Penobscot Eddington ME (Maine)
04429 Penobscot Holden ME (Maine)
04430 Penobscot East Millinocket ME (Maine)
04431 Hancock East Orland ME (Maine)
04433 Enfield ME (Maine)
04434 Penobscot Etna ME (Maine)
04435 Penobscot Exeter ME (Maine)
04438 Waldo Frankfort ME (Maine)
04441 Piscataquis Greenville ME (Maine)
04442 Piscataquis Greenville Junction ME (Maine)
04443 Piscataquis Guilford ME (Maine)
04444 Penobscot Hampden ME (Maine)
04446 Haynesville ME (Maine)
04448 Penobscot Howland ME (Maine)
04449 Penobscot Hudson ME (Maine)
04450 Penobscot Kenduskeag ME (Maine)
04451 Penobscot Kingman ME (Maine)
04453 Penobscot Lagrange ME (Maine)
04454 Washington Lambert Lake ME (Maine)
04455 Penobscot Lee ME (Maine)
04456 Penobscot Levant ME (Maine)
04457 Penobscot Lincoln ME (Maine)
04458 Lincoln Center ME (Maine)
04459 Penobscot Mattawamkeag ME (Maine)
04460 Penobscot Medway ME (Maine)
04461 Penobscot Milford ME (Maine)
04462 Penobscot Millinocket ME (Maine)
04463 Piscataquis Milo ME (Maine)
04464 Piscataquis Monson ME (Maine)
04467 Penobscot Olamon ME (Maine)
04468 Penobscot Old Town ME (Maine)
04469 Penobscot Orono ME (Maine)
04471 Aroostook Orient ME (Maine)
04472 Hancock Orland ME (Maine)
04473 Penobscot Orono ME (Maine)
04474 Penobscot Orrington ME (Maine)
04475 Penobscot Passadumkeag ME (Maine)
04476 Hancock Penobscot ME (Maine)
04478 Somerset Rockwood ME (Maine)
04479 Piscataquis Sangerville ME (Maine)
04481 Piscataquis Sebec ME (Maine)
04482 Sebec Lake ME (Maine)
04485 Piscataquis Shirley Mills ME (Maine)
04487 Penobscot Springfield ME (Maine)
04488 Penobscot Stetson ME (Maine)
04489 Penobscot Stillwater ME (Maine)
04490 Washington Topsfield ME (Maine)
04491 Washington Vanceboro ME (Maine)
04492 Washington Waite ME (Maine)
04493 Penobscot West Enfield ME (Maine)
04495 Penobscot Winn ME (Maine)
04496 Waldo Winterport ME (Maine)
04497 Aroostook Wytopitlock ME (Maine)
04530 Sagadahoc Bath ME (Maine)
04535 Lincoln Alna ME (Maine)
04536 Lincoln Bayville ME (Maine)
04537 Lincoln Boothbay ME (Maine)
04538 Lincoln Boothbay Harbor ME (Maine)
04539 Lincoln Bristol ME (Maine)
04541 Lincoln Chamberlain ME (Maine)
04543 Lincoln Damariscotta ME (Maine)
04544 Lincoln East Boothbay ME (Maine)
04547 Knox Friendship ME (Maine)
04548 Sagadahoc Georgetown ME (Maine)
04549 Lincoln Isle Of Springs ME (Maine)
04551 Lincoln Bremen ME (Maine)
04552 Lincoln Newagen ME (Maine)
04553 Lincoln Newcastle ME (Maine)
04554 Lincoln New Harbor ME (Maine)
04555 Lincoln Nobleboro ME (Maine)
04556 Lincoln Edgecomb ME (Maine)
04558 Lincoln Pemaquid ME (Maine)
04562 Sagadahoc Phippsburg ME (Maine)
04563 Knox Cushing ME (Maine)
04564 Lincoln Round Pond ME (Maine)
04565 Sagadahoc Sebasco Estates ME (Maine)
04567 Sagadahoc Small Point ME (Maine)
04568 Lincoln South Bristol ME (Maine)
04570 Lincoln Squirrel Island ME (Maine)
04571 Lincoln Trevett ME (Maine)
04572 Lincoln Waldoboro ME (Maine)
04573 Lincoln Walpole ME (Maine)
04574 Knox Washington ME (Maine)
04575 Lincoln West Boothbay Harbor ME (Maine)
04576 Lincoln Southport ME (Maine)
04578 Lincoln Wiscasset ME (Maine)
04579 Sagadahoc Woolwich ME (Maine)
04605 Hancock Ellsworth ME (Maine)
04606 Washington Addison ME (Maine)
04607 Hancock Gouldsboro ME (Maine)
04608 Atlantic ME (Maine)
04609 Hancock Bar Harbor ME (Maine)
04611 Washington Beals ME (Maine)
04612 Hancock Bernard ME (Maine)
04613 Hancock Birch Harbor ME (Maine)
04614 Hancock Blue Hill ME (Maine)
04615 Hancock Blue Hill Falls ME (Maine)
04616 Hancock Brooklin ME (Maine)
04617 Hancock Brooksville ME (Maine)
04618 Bucks Harbor ME (Maine)
04619 Washington Calais ME (Maine)
04622 Washington Cherryfield ME (Maine)
04623 Washington Columbia Falls ME (Maine)
04624 Hancock Corea ME (Maine)
04625 Hancock Cranberry Isles ME (Maine)
04626 Washington Cutler ME (Maine)
04627 Hancock Deer Isle ME (Maine)
04628 Washington Dennysville ME (Maine)
04629 Hancock East Blue Hill ME (Maine)
04630 Washington East Machias ME (Maine)
04631 Washington Eastport ME (Maine)
04634 Hancock Franklin ME (Maine)
04635 Hancock Frenchboro ME (Maine)
04637 Washington Grand Lake Stream ME (Maine)
04638 Grove ME (Maine)
04640 Hancock Hancock ME (Maine)
04642 Hancock Harborside ME (Maine)
04643 Washington Harrington ME (Maine)
04644 Hancock Hulls Cove ME (Maine)
04645 Knox Isle Au Haut ME (Maine)
04646 Hancock Islesford ME (Maine)
04648 Washington Jonesboro ME (Maine)
04649 Washington Jonesport ME (Maine)
04650 Hancock Little Deer Isle ME (Maine)
04652 Washington Lubec ME (Maine)
04653 Hancock Bass Harbor ME (Maine)
04654 Washington Machias ME (Maine)
04655 Washington Machiasport ME (Maine)
04656 Hancock Manset ME (Maine)
04657 Washington Meddybemps ME (Maine)
04658 Washington Milbridge ME (Maine)
04659 Minturn ME (Maine)
04660 Hancock Mount Desert ME (Maine)
04661 North Brooklin ME (Maine)
04662 Hancock Northeast Harbor ME (Maine)
04664 Hancock Sullivan ME (Maine)
04665 Hancock Otter Creek ME (Maine)
04666 Washington Pembroke ME (Maine)
04667 Washington Perry ME (Maine)
04668 Washington Princeton ME (Maine)
04669 Hancock Prospect Harbor ME (Maine)
04671 Washington Robbinston ME (Maine)
04672 Hancock Salsbury Cove ME (Maine)
04673 Hancock Sargentville ME (Maine)
04674 Hancock Seal Cove ME (Maine)
04675 Hancock Seal Harbor ME (Maine)
04676 Hancock Sedgwick ME (Maine)
04677 Hancock Sorrento ME (Maine)
04678 South Gouldsboro ME (Maine)
04679 Hancock Southwest Harbor ME (Maine)
04680 Washington Steuben ME (Maine)
04681 Hancock Stonington ME (Maine)
04683 Hancock Sunset ME (Maine)
04684 Hancock Surry ME (Maine)
04685 Hancock Swans Island ME (Maine)
04686 Washington Wesley ME (Maine)
04690 Hancock West Tremont ME (Maine)
04691 Washington Whiting ME (Maine)
04692 Whitneyville ME (Maine)
04693 Hancock Winter Harbor ME (Maine)
04694 Washington Baileyville ME (Maine)
04730 Aroostook Houlton ME (Maine)
04732 Aroostook Ashland ME (Maine)
04733 Aroostook Benedicta ME (Maine)
04734 Aroostook Blaine ME (Maine)
04735 Aroostook Bridgewater ME (Maine)
04736 Aroostook Caribou ME (Maine)
04737 Aroostook Clayton Lake ME (Maine)
04738 Aroostook Crouseville ME (Maine)
04739 Aroostook Eagle Lake ME (Maine)
04740 Aroostook Easton ME (Maine)
04741 Aroostook Estcourt Station ME (Maine)
04742 Aroostook Fort Fairfield ME (Maine)
04743 Aroostook Fort Kent ME (Maine)
04744 Aroostook Fort Kent Mills ME (Maine)
04745 Aroostook Frenchville ME (Maine)
04746 Aroostook Grand Isle ME (Maine)
04747 Aroostook Island Falls ME (Maine)
04749 Lille ME (Maine)
04750 Aroostook Limestone ME (Maine)
04751 Aroostook Limestone ME (Maine)
04756 Aroostook Madawaska ME (Maine)
04757 Aroostook Mapleton ME (Maine)
04758 Aroostook Mars Hill ME (Maine)
04759 Aroostook Masardis ME (Maine)
04760 Aroostook Monticello ME (Maine)
04761 Aroostook New Limerick ME (Maine)
04762 Aroostook New Sweden ME (Maine)
04763 Aroostook Oakfield ME (Maine)
04764 Aroostook Oxbow ME (Maine)
04765 Penobscot Patten ME (Maine)
04766 Aroostook Perham ME (Maine)
04768 Aroostook Portage ME (Maine)
04769 Aroostook Presque Isle ME (Maine)
04770 Aroostook Quimby ME (Maine)
04772 Aroostook Saint Agatha ME (Maine)
04773 Aroostook Saint David ME (Maine)
04774 Aroostook Saint Francis ME (Maine)
04775 Aroostook Sheridan ME (Maine)
04776 Aroostook Sherman ME (Maine)
04777 Penobscot Stacyville ME (Maine)
04779 Aroostook Sinclair ME (Maine)
04780 Aroostook Smyrna Mills ME (Maine)
04781 Aroostook Wallagrass ME (Maine)
04782 Penobscot Stacyville ME (Maine)
04783 Aroostook Stockholm ME (Maine)
04784 Upper Frenchville ME (Maine)
04785 Aroostook Van Buren ME (Maine)
04786 Aroostook Washburn ME (Maine)
04787 Aroostook Westfield ME (Maine)
04788 Aroostook Winterville ME (Maine)
04841 Knox Rockland ME (Maine)
04843 Knox Camden ME (Maine)
04846 Knox Glen Cove ME (Maine)
04847 Knox Hope ME (Maine)
04848 Waldo Islesboro ME (Maine)
04849 Waldo Lincolnville ME (Maine)
04850 Waldo Lincolnville Center ME (Maine)
04851 Knox Matinicus ME (Maine)
04852 Lincoln Monhegan ME (Maine)
04853 Knox North Haven ME (Maine)
04854 Knox Owls Head ME (Maine)
04855 Knox Port Clyde ME (Maine)
04856 Knox Rockport ME (Maine)
04857 Knox Saint George ME (Maine)
04858 Knox South Thomaston ME (Maine)
04859 Knox Spruce Head ME (Maine)
04860 Knox Tenants Harbor ME (Maine)
04861 Knox Thomaston ME (Maine)
04862 Knox Union ME (Maine)
04863 Knox Vinalhaven ME (Maine)
04864 Knox Warren ME (Maine)
04865 Knox West Rockport ME (Maine)
04901 Kennebec Waterville ME (Maine)
04903 Kennebec Waterville ME (Maine)
04910 Kennebec Albion ME (Maine)
04911 Somerset Anson ME (Maine)
04912 Somerset Athens ME (Maine)
04915 Waldo Belfast ME (Maine)
04917 Kennebec Belgrade ME (Maine)
04918 Kennebec Belgrade Lakes ME (Maine)
04920 Somerset Bingham ME (Maine)
04921 Waldo Brooks ME (Maine)
04922 Waldo Burnham ME (Maine)
04923 Somerset Cambridge ME (Maine)
04924 Somerset Canaan ME (Maine)
04925 Somerset Caratunk ME (Maine)
04926 Kennebec China Village ME (Maine)
04927 Kennebec Clinton ME (Maine)
04928 Penobscot Corinna ME (Maine)
04929 Somerset Detroit ME (Maine)
04930 Penobscot Dexter ME (Maine)
04932 Penobscot Dixmont ME (Maine)
04933 Penobscot East Newport ME (Maine)
04935 Kennebec East Vassalboro ME (Maine)
04936 Franklin Eustis ME (Maine)
04937 Somerset Fairfield ME (Maine)
04938 Franklin Farmington ME (Maine)
04939 Penobscot Garland ME (Maine)
04940 Franklin Farmington Falls ME (Maine)
04941 Waldo Freedom ME (Maine)
04942 Somerset Harmony ME (Maine)
04943 Somerset Hartland ME (Maine)
04944 Somerset Hinckley ME (Maine)
04945 Somerset Jackman ME (Maine)
04947 Franklin Kingfield ME (Maine)
04949 Waldo Liberty ME (Maine)
04950 Somerset Madison ME (Maine)
04951 Waldo Monroe ME (Maine)
04952 Waldo Morrill ME (Maine)
04953 Penobscot Newport ME (Maine)
04954 Somerset New Portland ME (Maine)
04955 Franklin New Sharon ME (Maine)
04956 Franklin New Vineyard ME (Maine)
04957 Somerset Norridgewock ME (Maine)
04958 Somerset North Anson ME (Maine)
04961 Somerset New Portland ME (Maine)
04962 Kennebec North Vassalboro ME (Maine)
04963 Kennebec Oakland ME (Maine)
04964 Franklin Oquossoc ME (Maine)
04965 Somerset Palmyra ME (Maine)
04966 Franklin Phillips ME (Maine)
04967 Somerset Pittsfield ME (Maine)
04969 Penobscot Plymouth ME (Maine)
04970 Franklin Rangeley ME (Maine)
04971 Somerset Saint Albans ME (Maine)
04972 Waldo Sandy Point ME (Maine)
04973 Waldo Searsmont ME (Maine)
04974 Waldo Searsport ME (Maine)
04975 Somerset Shawmut ME (Maine)
04976 Somerset Skowhegan ME (Maine)
04978 Somerset Smithfield ME (Maine)
04979 Somerset Solon ME (Maine)
04981 Waldo Stockton Springs ME (Maine)
04982 Franklin Stratton ME (Maine)
04983 Franklin Strong ME (Maine)
04984 Franklin Temple ME (Maine)
04985 Somerset West Forks ME (Maine)
04986 Waldo Thorndike ME (Maine)
04987 Waldo Troy ME (Maine)
04988 Waldo Unity ME (Maine)
04989 Kennebec Vassalboro ME (Maine)
04992 Franklin West Farmington ME (Maine)