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Carrollton zip codes

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Zip County Place Name State
23314 Isle of Wight Carrollton Virginia
30112 Carrollton Georgia
30116 Carroll Carrollton Georgia
30117 Carroll Carrollton Georgia
30118 Carroll Carrollton Georgia
30119 Carroll Carrollton Georgia
35447 Pickens Carrollton Alabama
38917 Carroll Carrollton Mississippi
41008 Carroll Carrollton Kentucky
44615 Carroll Carrollton Ohio
48724 Saginaw Carrollton Michigan
62016 Greene Carrollton Illinois
64633 Carroll Carrollton Missouri
75006 Dallas Carrollton Texas
75007 Denton Carrollton Texas
75008 Denton Carrollton Texas
75010 Denton Carrollton Texas
75011 Dallas Carrollton Texas