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Clearfield zip codes

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Zip County Place Name State
15721 Clearfield Burnside Pennsylvania
15753 Clearfield La Jose Pennsylvania
15757 Clearfield Mahaffey Pennsylvania
15801 Clearfield Du Bois Pennsylvania
15848 Clearfield Luthersburg Pennsylvania
15849 Clearfield Penfield Pennsylvania
15856 Clearfield Rockton Pennsylvania
15866 Clearfield Troutville Pennsylvania
16616 Clearfield Beccaria Pennsylvania
16620 Clearfield Brisbin Pennsylvania
16627 Clearfield Coalport Pennsylvania
16645 Clearfield Glen Hope Pennsylvania
16651 Clearfield Houtzdale Pennsylvania
16656 Clearfield Irvona Pennsylvania
16661 Clearfield Madera Pennsylvania
16663 Clearfield Morann Pennsylvania
16666 Clearfield Osceola Mills Pennsylvania
16671 Clearfield Ramey Pennsylvania
16680 Clearfield Smithmill Pennsylvania
16681 Clearfield Smokerun Pennsylvania
16692 Clearfield Westover Pennsylvania
16698 Clearfield Houtzdale Pennsylvania
16821 Clearfield Allport Pennsylvania
16825 Clearfield Bigler Pennsylvania
16830 Clearfield Clearfield Pennsylvania
16833 Clearfield Curwensville Pennsylvania
16834 Clearfield Drifting Pennsylvania
16836 Clearfield Frenchville Pennsylvania
16837 Clearfield Glen Richey Pennsylvania
16838 Clearfield Grampian Pennsylvania
16839 Clearfield Grassflat Pennsylvania
16840 Clearfield Hawk Run Pennsylvania
16843 Clearfield Hyde Pennsylvania
16845 Clearfield Karthaus Pennsylvania
16847 Clearfield Kylertown Pennsylvania
16849 Clearfield Lanse Pennsylvania
16850 Clearfield Lecontes Mills Pennsylvania
16855 Clearfield Mineral Springs Pennsylvania
16858 Clearfield Morrisdale Pennsylvania
16860 Clearfield Munson Pennsylvania
16861 Clearfield New Millport Pennsylvania
16863 Clearfield Olanta Pennsylvania
16871 Clearfield Pottersdale Pennsylvania
16873 Clearfield Shawville Pennsylvania
16876 Clearfield Wallaceton Pennsylvania
16878 Clearfield West Decatur Pennsylvania
16879 Clearfield Winburne Pennsylvania
16881 Clearfield Woodland Pennsylvania